Parenting Lessons from a Suffering Child: Introduction.

Parenting Lessons From a Suffering Child: Introduction.

This blog series includes parenting lessons my wife and I received from our 2-year-old daughter who suffered serious medical issues resulting in more than a years worth of surgeries and other traumas.  The road we trod together was painful and life shattering but in the end, we were all changed for good! 

During some tense hours in a surgical waiting room, we decided to learn from this experience rather than be destroyed by it.  We would search for meaning in the face of meaningless suffering.  Why would a 2 year old have to go through such horror?  We began looking for life lessons in everything that happened to her and to us.  And believe me they came. 

We wrote them down and have found great power in re-reading what we wrote.  We feel that we should share our experiences with others.  We want her suffering to be worth something… to turn into a power for good.  Somehow we feel that our little angel’s suffering gains greater meaning and purpose as hearts are touched and lives impacted for good! 

Everything happens for a reason… even this.  That has been hard to accept but we can honestly say that our lives are so much richer than ever before.  We have been changed for good!  Our little girl has been our greatest teacher.  We will post each entry under the same title, “Lessons Learned from the Suffering of a Child” but with Part 1, Part 2, etc added.

We hope these lessons help you become a better parent, mother or father.  We invite people to share their Parenting Life Lessons in hope that we can all love and appreciate life more than ever

We hope these life lessons touch your heart for good.  We hope they bring you peace, joy and happiness.  We hope they inspire you to become a better parent, mother or father.  And if they do then please share them with those you care about!  Help us add meaning to our child’s suffering.

God bless!

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