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A Child’s Heartfelt Prayer (Funny)! | Inspirational Parenting

A Child’s Heartfelt Prayer (Funny)!

My last few posts  have been a bit serious so I thought I would write something a little more light-hearted.  This is a story my mother often shared with me as a child.  It was one of the many humorous parenting stories she collected while we were young.  It reminds me how much we can learn from our children.  Their innocent view of the world mingled with untamed brutal honesty is inspiring and insightful!  I write this story from my mother’s perspective as she might have told it were she still here…

Parenting young children (or any age for that matter) can be a daunting task.  The constant demands of toddlers and infants can be draining.  They are always in need and have not yet developed the ability to await satisfaction.  My days are often spent running around in literal circles from dawn till dusk.  Sometimes, at the end of a long day, I find myself wondering what I even did during the previous 18 hours of my life?  Such is the life of a mother!

But, if I keep my eyes open, and my ears attentive, I am blessed every day with jewels of wisdom from the mouths of my babes.  Today was one of those days where I did listen and was blessed.  The simple joys that come from innocent comments and expressions lift me up and make motherhood cease to be a series of demands and tasks.  My “job” is transformed into an opportunity to experience daily joy. 

On this day I was getting lunch on the table for three children under the age of 4.  Each finally was satisfied with their food before them.  Grace had been quickly offered by the little voice of my 4 year old son.  After three attempts to sit down myself to eat (every mother of small children can relate), I finally settled in next to my little boy who was happily eating his PB&J sandwich. 

I took a moment to silently offer a prayer of thanks.  Upon finishing, I opened up my eyes and noticed my son staring at me with that curious look only a toddler can .  He asked me what it was I just did.  He had noticed my folded arms and bowed head but was confused as I had sat in silence rather than uttering words as he was accustomed.  I explained to him that I had chosen to say my prayer in my heart. 

He pondered that statement for a moment and then asked if he could say a prayer in his heart.  Intrigued as to what might happen next, I encouraged him to do so.  He folded his little arms, bowed his little head, squeezed his little boy eyes closed and sat quietly for a few moments.  When finished, he quickly looked up at me and smiled.  I asked him if he would share with me what he had said.  With childlike wisdom he answered, “Kerthump, kerthump, kerthump…”

I hope we can all take more time today to notice our children; to cherish these fleeting moments of childhood innocence.  All to soon they are grown and gone.  Parenting has its ups and downs but mostly it is our attitude that matters most.  Is today going to be an “up” day?

God bless parents!

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  • NevillesLostToad

    I read an article online in which my Mom described this happening with my brother Jeff. It’s funny.

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