Parenting can be a Tough Gig!

Parenting can be a tough gig!  It is a never-ending service project that can literally suck the very life from our worn out bodies.  And, unfortunately, the little sweeties we give our souls to are generally unable to perceive even the smallest hint of what we do for them.  It is a thankless job that often requires us to search deeply for the rewards. 

I know from experience, however, that the blessings of parenting are plentiful.  It just takes one special moment to replenish our spirits and renew our commitments.  One innocent comment from a toddler can leave us smiling for weeks.  One deep thought question from an 8 year old can inspire us for hours.  One sincerely unexpected hug from a teenager can make it all worthwhile.

That is why I have created this site… so we can all lift one another through inspirational parenting stories.  Everyone has them.  Everyone loves to share them.  Help make this a central repository for stories that can fill up our empty tanks. If you have a story or experience you wish to share, simply Register as a blog member and you can post whatever you like (all posts must be reviewed before being published).  You are also welcome to use the submit form if you prefer to not register with us.  If you have any questions, simply email them to

If you are feeling discouraged as a parent, if you are wondering if it is all worth it… take a moment and visit  You will feel better, I guarantee it! 

Please spread the word about this site.  The more perspectives we get, the better it will be!

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