Conversations With A Four Year Old..

My four year old son is always making us laugh. Here is a conversation we had in February. He just finished a bad coughing spell and this is what he told me.

Marshall: “Mom, I need a new froat. Cuz if I don’t get one then I will just go: (open and close mouth without making noise) er I will frow up and that’s not fun is it Mom?”

Me: Do you like throwing up?

Marshall: No

ME: Why not?

Marshall: Cuz it’s just gross.

Me: Why would you need a new throat?

Marshall: Cuz if I don’t it will just make me not talk.

Me: What about coughing?

Marshall: It just makes me cough all the time and whenever I take a bite it will make me say I’m full and it says don’t play never ever play Toontown but I want to play Toontown all the day.

Me: Let’s go for our short walk to look for flowers that might be starting to come up.

Marshall: Let’s water plants.

Me: No honey. It just snowed. We don’t need to water them.

Marshall: PLEASE! (His other obessesion besides Toontown is WATER!! Oh…so obsessed)

ME: But the snow melted!

Marshall: I don’t toot as much now.

Me: Really?

Marshall: (shakes head no) I don’t. Because I did a trillion poops one day.

Me: (laughing) Oh my boy, oh boy oh boy.

Marshall: It is n o g y w (That is what he said).

Me: What is?

Marshall: That I did a trillion poops one day.

Me: What’s your favorite number?

Marshall: a hundred and sixty

Me: Really, I didn’t know that. I thought you said it was a billion.

Marshall: Actually it is a million, I mean a trillion. Isn’t that so million? Isn’t that so far? Mom, does sixty eighty, does ninety come after a billion?

Me: It comes after a lot like 95 or 195, 1095

Marshall: It goes 93, 94, 95, 96, 90 twenty, 91, 92, 94, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 90 ten, 90 eleven, 90 twelve, 90 eighty, 90 sixty, 90 eighty a billion!

I learn so much from this boy!

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