A Child’s View of Christ’s Crucifixion

On Easter Sunday, I had to stay home from church with Nate who had Croup really bad. When Marshall came home, I asked him what he learned at church that day. He said they showed him pictures of Jesus and how “the bad guys took his shoes and socks off so it would hurt more.  He was bare feet and then they put nails in his feet. Isn’t that ouch, Mommy?”
I was trying to write everything down as fast as I could and had to ask him to repeat himself a few times. The next time he said that Jesus was hooked on a cross, like a T that was smushed together where nails were hooked to him and he had blood and peanut butter coming out of him. I asked what happened next and he said, “Jesus said, ‘I’ll be alive in 3 days’ and he came alive and can never die.”

It’s interesting to see what they remember.

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