I am reading the book, “Happiness Now” by Robert Holden.  He facilitates workshops on happiness and one of the exercises that he does is he puts up a slide that says HAPPINESSISNOWHERE” on the board and asks everyone to tell what they see. 

He mentions that he always gets two distinct answers:  The first one being that people see the phrase “Happiness Is Nowhere” and the other is that people will see “Happiness Is Now Here”. 

Quoting from the book:

…the difference between “happiness is nowhere” and “happiness is now here” has something to do with the event, and everything to do with how you see the event.  Your perception is key.

It goes on to say that we are the key to our own happiness.  “The gift of happiness is wrapped in your heart, not the world.”    This made me think about parenting and my personal experiences with it. 

Pay attention to what you are looking for in situations with your children because whatever it is….you will find it.  Your perception is truly the key to what kind of experience you will have as you raise your children.

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  • I have to admit that I saw the “nowhere” option. I would love to know if anyone saw “NOW HERE” right off? It sure is a great lesson in perspective though.

  • NevillesLostToad

    I wish I saw NOW HERE first but my brain saw nowhere. Happiness is here though. OK, so the kids are sleeping, but still… we were happy before they went to bed too. 🙂

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