Proud Father of a Tomboy

I work from home and consequently get to spend a lot of time with my daughter.  I am not sure if I can take total credit for her Tomboyishness but I hope that this at least suggests that I have a good relationship with her.  My wife and I were out of town this last weekend so Mikayla got to spend a few nights at her cousins’ house.  While she was there, her aunt decided to have a “girls night out” with all the little ladies.  Their plan was to go to the store and pick out their favorite color of nail polish so they could paint their nails later that evening.  Mikayla has done this a couple of times but getting “done up” has never been her thing (after this weekend, I get the feeling that is about to change).

They got to the store and were looking through nail polish colors.  Mikayla’s aunt asked her what color she was going to pick.  She said, “Black so I can be a tiger!”  That’s my girl!!!

Unfortunately, she ended up going with pink… and loved it.  I have a feeling that my little Tomboy is disappearing fast!  Darn you Aunt Jill!!!

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