I Have Found Myself, I Am A Dad!

I am standing in a hot, smelly gymnasium.  I can feel the sweat trickling down my back.  My right arm is aching from holding up the video camera.  My back hurts from hunching over so that I don’t block someone else’s view.  And yet here I am with a big smile on my face… as happy as ever because tonight I am watching my daughter perform in the play she has been working on for the last few months.

She actually only has 4 lines but that doesn’t lessen my enthusiasm.  I may as well be watching Wicked on Broadway!  “That’s my daughter up there on the right.  No.. the one in the Sully costume” I say to anyone who makes eye contact with me.  During the play, I look around and see the same expression masked on every smiling, love-filled, perspiring face.

It’s insane right?  I mean, what right-minded adult would want to sit through 90 minutes of physical torture?  What would possess us to spend weeks and months driving our kids to and from practices, helping them memorize lines and watching them endlessly perform their parts in the living room as if they were in front of thousands of adoring fans?  Love… that’s what!

The power of love emanates from my daughter and fills my life with joy.  I do things I would never normally do… and I feel happy!  I sacrifice things I normally would never give up… and I feel happy!  The love of a child changes me from the inside out and makes me a better person.

I have found myself… I am a dad!

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