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Grateful for April | Inspirational Parenting

Grateful for April

Spring brings little friends to fill our backyard while we big people mostly do the yard chores that usher in the new season.  As winter reluctantly gives way to spring around here, things get hopping outside.  OUTSIDE!  Yay!  Sun and wind and smiles (and the house stays cleaner because they are outside!) “Whatcha doin?” they cry, and pitch in with echoes of laughter, collecting the winter debris and playing in the dirt.  

Spring chores include gardens, mulch, branch piles, pitching last years sandbox toys, pruning roses, selecting new plants (blackberry bushes this year!), pulling out outdoor furniture and cushions (just in time for the spring rain, yeesh!), grill cleaning, sweeping, grass seed… 8 year old Noah tackled roto-tilling the garden all by himself!  Our seemingly unending lists of some now-completed spring beginnings have been lightened.  I just want to be outside, too, like the kids, now that spring fever has hit me. 

Inside, my closet and the kids’ toy room are calling me, begging for attention that I am ignoring in favor of dirt and tulip bulbs and plans for grilled dinners.  Oh, I am so grateful for the season change!  I am begrudgingly accepting my own season change as I find myself growing older, meeting the young Moms who are joining our group.  The change is wonderful as I survey the girls and marvel at how we’ve grown together as sisters in this ministry and closer to the Lord as we learn to lean on Him, and as He tells us, on each other.  I am excited to see the new growth, and to see what is in store for MOMS future.  I’m getting the feeling that we’re about to change again, and can’t wait to see how we are led through this season of our lives! 

As always, I encourage you girls to pray over your babies, your homes, your husbands…pray about your place in this world, pray for encouragement if you are feeling down- the work that you are all doing is the most important of all!  D.L.Moody says: “In Proverbs we read: “He that winneth souls is wise.”  If any man, women, or child by a godly life and example can win one soul to God, his life will not have been a failure.  He will have outshone all the mighty men of his day, because he will have set a stream in motion that will flow on and on forever and ever.”  Do not go it alone, there are sisters here, willing to help.  Do not hesitate to ask, to talk, to listen, to join… We are given such awesome responsibility and pressures tend to isolate us.  

This community was and is prayed for and continues to be a great opportunity for us to let down our “got it all together” guard and be real women together, as we walk through the mommy journey of our lives.  This is exactly where He wants you to be.  It is a part of the process that we just can’t comprehend, these days that just aren’t so easy.  We don’t wish it away.  We know we’ll miss it someday.  We know each phase has its own joys and challenges.  Your part may be to share yours with another Mom.  Sometimes when you are struck with a “I wonder if I should share that’ in response to a conversation- it just might be His prompting you.  Before you know it, you are up and mentoring!  There’s quite a bit to ponder as we head through this part of the calendar, sizzlin’ summer will be here before we know it!  In the midst of spring’s newness, find some moments to be grateful, for new attitudes and recognition of things revealed in your character, and that you have been brought to a place where you finally recognize it.

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