March Comes in like a Lion

I started off my day feeling a bit sorry for myself. All of my little ones were down with colds and it had finally caught up to me.  There was an impending snow storm to contend with, which translates in my home to Daddy leaving for days on end to plow the snow, and Mommy, in my admittedly defeated mood, to hold down the fort.  Oh, I know better.  I know to be the encourager, to fill my husband before he leaves, but the human in me jumps to the loneliness conclusion, even before the first flake hits the ground.  I find myself down in the dumps and far from being the Mama that needs to keep the home fires burning.

“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,” I whisper, just as I had during my most recent birth of my son, Elijah.  It was what I held on to, when my husband’s hand just wasn’t enough.

“Life is all at how you look at things,” Mama Berenstain Bear echoes, in perfect timing, I might add, directing my attention to a little life lesson on our very own television screen.  The story was about how a really bad camping trip turned out to be their most memorable one yet.

The snow piles up outside and I smile a bit. I’m hanging on to my Jesus, and the little blessings He sends as my encourager if I choose to not turn a blind eye to them.  If you keep your chin up, it’s easy to catch snowflakes on your tongue, but if you only look down, you’ll end up all wet.  As March roars on in, ladies, keep looking up.

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