Potty Talk

I believe it is important my kids talk about their body parts with the proper vernacular. So if you are offended by the word Penis don’t keep reading! I don’t however encourage them to speak about their body parts like they are a seperate part of their body that can think for its self.

This is a conversation I had with Brayden in the car when he had to go the bathroom. It was so funny I almost cried.

Brayden: Moooommmmm my penis is not being nice to me

Me: Ummm What do you mean?

Brayden: He wants me to pee all over myself

Me: Brayden you need to hold it. I can’t take you to the bathroom right now.

Brayden with lots of squirming and fidgeting: But Mom my penis can’t hear you through all of my clothes. He wants me to go RIGHT NOW!!!

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