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More Changing of Seasons | Inspirational Parenting

More Changing of Seasons

Today I’m going to talk about changing seasons.  I believe that I am qualified to be your own personal control group, having 6 children ranging from 3 to 22 and a 1 year old grandson.  Yep, we’ve got ‘em all.  With that said, let’s touch on that sleep deprivation topic, you know the one, the “gotta find coffee, Fred Flintstone propping up those toothpicks to hold open the eyelids, punchy, drop into bed unable to move” type of lack of sleep.

There’s a mean rumor going around telling you new Moms that if you just get past a magical stage, the beautiful, restful sleep once bestowed upon you will return, fluffy pillows, lace comforters and all.  (Maybe that’s why some of us have such a “bedding obsession”, that mystical hope for sleep!) I was blessed enough to get a week away on an island with my husband last year.  We never made it past 9 pm any of the nights we were there!  So, armed with the rumor, I prepared myself to send my youngest off to 3 half days of preschool, visions of time for myself dancing in my head.  Unheard of me time, wow! 

What would I ever do with myself for those incredible six hours a week?  Pedicures?  Shower?  Laundry? S leep!  Off we went, on the first day, when he trounced across the pre-school lawn, Spiderman backpack strapped tightly to his back.  I waited for the requisite “I love you, Mama,” a blown kiss prior to his entry into that door, even a backwards glance.  I’d prepared myself for this.  Of course I had.  I am raising these children to let them go, after all.  And nothing. Nada.  Not a glance, not a wave, only Spidey staring back at me as he disappeared into the building. 

I stood in the parking lot for a minute.  I raised my eyebrows.  I even frowned.  Nothing.  Hmmph.  I climbed back into the car, and punched on the praise music.  I sang all the way home.  When I opened the door, there was dear husband, basking in a few minutes peace with coffee and the paper.  He glanced at me and raised his eyebrows just as I had a few minutes before.  I sat down at the table. 

Then it happened.  I felt it.  The dreaded girl thing.  They started.  Welling up slowly, teasing me.  My heart ached.  I started crying.  I know, I cry over everything!  But not this! I was not that Mom!  Dear husband put his hand on mine and he started welling up, too.  “It’s okay, Mama,” he said.  Oh, I know.  It’s okay.  Little man is growing up.  Me too.  So, deep breath.  So here we are on this journey of extra time.  Let me tell you, (spoiler alert!) there isn’t any!  I always feel that if I ask the Lord for more time to accomplish all of my tasks, He gives it to me.  So He gave it to me, and that dear man across the table from me asked me for my precious “me time”.  “Time to focus on our business”, he smiled. 

It echoes in my head. The same that way undone laundry, homework, dishes and schedules do.  I’ve been able to put it aside, and him aside for a long period of time while I “mommy-ed”.  So much to be done.  Visions of put aside household projects like clean closets got the boot as we moved our home office to a “real” office.  I have to go out to work, now.  Some days, Eli brings that backpack and hangs out with Mom, but it’s different now.  We’re sensing that passing of time, me and Eli, with every arrival at the office.  We are busy with our own work, together in the same place.  Soon enough, I won’t have those same room days. 

For now, it’s enough of a change of seasons for me.  After school running and crock pot dinners are the norm.  I still don’t see bed before midnight, but our nights are much busier than I imagined they’d be.  My guys are growing up.  So, for the words of encouragement that I try to bring to you ladies, let His word speak it.  Ps 90:12 “So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  Remember, dear Mama, we are called to continue to do our work, even as the familiar moves on.  New seasons, be ready for the challenge.  Praise Him for our numerous blessings and this amazing gift of these children He has entrusted to our guidance.  Besides, we’ve become accustomed to our lack of sleep, haven’t we?

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