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Seeking Phyical Nourishment | Inspirational Parenting

Seeking Physical Nourishment

What do you allow, as gate-keepers if you will, to put daily into your child’s body?  This is fully, 100%, your choice, your responsibility, your failure if you are not actively choosing wisely.  As parents, we tend to claim God’s protection over our children, but God never intended for us to blindly follow the world in any way, no, not one aspect of our lives.  I am noticing a failure among us to educate, and continue to educate ourselves about anything and everything regarding these children given to us for a short time that we are responsible for nourishing.  He intended for us to use discernment, use His teaching, to bring us to an educated understanding of what is best for us.  This is not happenstance.  This is not a lottery to see if we “get” healthy kids.  You play “the” role, not just “a” role, in providing for these children as the Lord has provided for you.

As an adult, you make cognitive choices daily, tell the world why you “can’t” change, harden your heart deciding not to change habits, and we slowly watch our bodies descend rapidly to a state as his ”fallen” children that He had never intended for us.  Where are you in your journey with feeding your kids?  No one said it was easy, in fact it’s supposed to be “thorn and dirt” difficult since the fall!  No mention of cheesy poofs and yodels!  Perhaps the time spent as a Mom in kitchen prep is a teachable thing He may use in our busy lives to open our eyes and hearts to learn from Him.  This is not a judgement!  All of us lean toward convenience foods occasionally, and junk foods, too.  All of us.  But if that is your constant, you are off the right track- you must take an inventory of what you choose to put into your children’s bodies (and your own!)  

No!  It’s not easy.  It’s mostly not fun, either.  There’s cleanup, and no time.  I know!  Many excuses.  The end result is disease and illness and malnutrition!  Dark circles are a sign of malnutrition, not a need of concealer, ladies!  Our kids’ doctor said his chief complaint from parents is this: “but my kid only wants to eat chocolate chip cookies!”  Then throw them out!  Eventually the child will get hungry and eat what he is given!  I understand your shock if this is all you have known.  Many of us were never instructed properly.  There are many affordable choices to add more fruits and veggies to your diets.  If you are spending on junk food, this does work into your budget.  Remember to make small changes.  Try a produce store, if you’ve never been.  You will be simply stunned at the box of food $20 at the produce stand will buy you!  Learn to steam veggies to keep the vitamins in.  Start to offer fruit on the table twice a day.  If it’s there, they’ll grab it!  Or just throw it in a blender!  You’d be amazed to see your child drink “hulk juice”, (a blended salad!) green and gooey, but all things go down more easily in a colorful straw from the dollar store!  Any change is better than none.  Knowing better, and choosing against His intentions daily, hourly, is a sin we should all confess to Him to ask to be released from.  “It’s our nature” is not an excuse. We are choosing wrong.  We can choose a better way.  As Moms who love the Lord we understand the concept of a better way.
Be encouraged.
Be motivated.
Be blessed.
Be changed.
This I pray for us all.

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