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Reevaluating the New Year | Inspirational Parenting

Reevaluating the New Year

It’s that time of year again. What is it that you are planning to work on? What is it in your life that you have decided needs to change? What things need your attention? This time of the year forces us to take stock of our lives, besides the incredible media push to discuss our “resolutions” for the new year. After all, we have just come through an amazing period of time where we are shown quite explicitly the miracle of just how good God has been to us each every day. 

For some reason Christmas time does bless us with that little window of insight, slows us down long enough, perhaps, to evaluate the process of our family aging before our eyes, and makes us nod in agreement that time truly does not stand still for us.  Was last year a difficult one for you?  How exactly does our God world view change our responsibility to our response to what happens to us throughout the course of a difficult season?  We know better than to grin and fake it, to not shut out friends who can help shoulder our burdens, to not hide from the world.  We know that we need to get on with it, we know why we are here, and we know the gift of each day given to us.  Our days are indeed fleeting. Our children are growing.

The holidays have the ability to give us a snapshot mentality to literally see the children and family that we live for aging before us and make us immensely grateful for the time we have been given.  So here we are, a few weeks post-season with the world listing resolutions and personal diet goals and decluttering and storage ideas for all of your newly acquired stuff (which in and of itself is NOT necessarily a bad group of things to be working on) but is that really where you, teacher of the family, keeper of your home, should be putting the most focus?  I encourage you to find time, now that life is returning to whatever your normal is, and sit quietly, pen and paper in hand, and discuss with the Lord what he expects of you this year.  It may indeed be time to focus on you, as we generally are others focused as Moms.  But for each and every one of us, if we don’t take time to go to Him prayerfully and ask what He needs from you, you will be right back to the old unsatisfying slate of agendas that you have created for yourself and your family that no matter how well you stick to the plan, never will satisfy that God shaped need in your life, no matter how busy you are.

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