When our daughter was two, she became extremely ill and nearly died. As we sat in her hospital room that day, helplessly watching her cling to life, our lives changed forever. We were so blessed in that, after months of surgeries and treatment, she recovered and is a very healthy child now. This experience changed us deeply. As is the case with everyone who experiences hardship, we saw life differently. Our gratitude for every moment spent with our child heightened and we found ourselves seeing more clearly the beauty in parenting.

During those difficult months, we made a conscious decision to learn from her suffering. We began looking for life lessons and writing them down. Eventually we shared these stories with others in hopes that her suffering could have a higher meaning. These stories were the basis for what has now become this website. Upon publishing this site, we quickly realized how many people had similarly inspiring stories to share. So we opened the site up to everyone.

We love sharing the inspirational stories we find in parenting and life. We love reading the stories shared by others. We hope that you will find comfort, inspiration, laughter or whatever it is you are in need of today in the stories shared on this site. We also hope that you will share your experiences as well. You never know who you will touch by sharing a bit of your life!

Parenting can be as wonderful as we let it be… mostly it’s about perspective. By sharing inspiring, funny, educational, etc. parenting stories, we lift each other; we help each other be the parents we all want to be!