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Reevaluating the New Year

It’s that time of year again. What is it that you are planning to work on? What is it in your life that you have decided needs to change? What things need your attention? This time of the year forces us to take stock of our lives, besides the incredible media push to discuss our “resolutions” for the new year. After all, we have just come through an amazing period of time where we are shown quite explicitly the miracle of just how good God has been to us each every day. « Continue reading »

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Our Hope

Our post Thanksgiving tradition starts with preparations for the excursion to deer camp for the opening day of deer season. The tradition started with Great Grandfather, passed down to Pop Maverick (his given name was Cledith) so Maverick was a nice, tough choice. The next generation was Pop Stan and his brothers (and assorted friends from the neighborhood) who faithfully attended this chilly event in a one room shack in the mountains upstate, with stories round the fire at night. It continued with his son Robert (my dear husband), who indoctrinated my son Drew, and this year my daughter Savannah joined in on the fun. « Continue reading »

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Let Me Give

I do not know how long I’ll live
But while I live, Lord, let me give
Some comfort to someone in need
By smile or nod, kind word or deed.

And let me do what ‘ere I can
To ease things for my fellow man.
I want naught but to do my part
to lift a tired or weary heart.

To change folks’ frowns to smiles again.
Then will I not have lived in vain.
And I’ll not care how long I’ll live
If I can give… and give… and give.

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The Thick of Autumn

The cold air hits me hard in the face. We are in the thick of autumn, in its entire splendor.  I smell coffee (because I always smell coffee, it is my constant companion along with my Lord!) and I’m pleasantly perked up by the chill.  We’re off to somewhere each and every day.  There are many children to prepare and feed and move along to their intended arrival areas.  Mornings fly by with gentle admonishing and kisses and manner reminders, while backpacks are zipped and coats are buttoned. « Continue reading »

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Peeking Through

My grand plans dissolved this morning as my 2 year old Elijah looked up and asked “Put the radio on?” I chose a college station and was pleasantly surprised by some Christian hip-hop as Eli donned his sister’s purple headband (all the better for dancing, I suppose) and proceeded to bust a move for a while with his Mama. He grinned and tackled quite a few snazzy routines, elbows flying as he smiled up at me. “I love my Mama,” he announced. It just doesn’t get any better than that. « Continue reading »

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Christmas Is Coming

Even though it is almost summertime, this story still has some powerful meaning.  Just imagine yourself into the Christmas season and enjoy…

Yes, I’m with you. I was gritting my teeth each time I walked into a store past halloween candy or scarecrows and ran smack dab into an inflatable Santa. I took my daughter to the mall, and was shocked to see the jolly old elf holding court before November 15th! I was frustrated by the voice mail my friend sent informing me that the Christmas radio station began playing holiday favorites on November 1st. Now for the confessional part of my ranting. « Continue reading »

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Grateful for April

Spring brings little friends to fill our backyard while we big people mostly do the yard chores that usher in the new season.  As winter reluctantly gives way to spring around here, things get hopping outside.  OUTSIDE!  Yay!  Sun and wind and smiles (and the house stays cleaner because they are outside!) “Whatcha doin?” they cry, and pitch in with echoes of laughter, collecting the winter debris and playing in the dirt. « Continue reading »

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March Comes in like a Lion

I started off my day feeling a bit sorry for myself. All of my little ones were down with colds and it had finally caught up to me.  There was an impending snow storm to contend with, which translates in my home to Daddy leaving for days on end to plow the snow, and Mommy, in my admittedly defeated mood, to hold down the fort.  Oh, I know better.  I know to be the encourager, to fill my husband before he leaves, but the human in me jumps to the loneliness conclusion, even before the first flake hits the ground.  I find myself down in the dumps and far from being the Mama that needs to keep the home fires burning. « Continue reading »

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