The small and simple pleasure of motherhood.

Yesterday was a rough day with 3 little ones.  I was one tired mom with an independent 2 year old who wouldn’t cooperate all day and a 5 year old and 8 year old who fought all afternoon.  « Continue reading »

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A Mother’s Smile

My first memories of my mother are as scattered as the leaves in an autumn breeze; always present but difficult to grasp. But one memory remains constant and accessible; her soft smile. She had a way of looking at you with such compassion as to calm the scariest dream or assuage the deepest hurt. She embodied love as I have come to understand it. She had a precious smile that was the source of so much peace and understanding. « Continue reading »

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Parenting Lessons from a Suffering Child: Introduction.

Parenting Lessons From a Suffering Child: Introduction.

This blog series includes parenting lessons my wife and I received from our 2-year-old daughter who suffered serious medical issues resulting in more than a years worth of surgeries and other traumas.  The road we trod together was painful and life shattering but in the end, we were all changed for good!  « Continue reading »

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