An Adoptive Mom’s Journey to Motherhood: A Mothers Day Story

I used to hate Mother’s day.  Not because I was not grateful for my Mother or for what my Grandmothers did for me. They were and are great women.  I hated Mothers day because it was a day to remember and honor mothers. Something I longed so badly to be but was not. « Continue reading »

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A Child’s View of Christ’s Crucifixion

On Easter Sunday, I had to stay home from church with Nate who had Croup really bad. When Marshall came home, I asked him what he learned at church that day. He said they showed him pictures of Jesus and how “the bad guys took his shoes and socks off so it would hurt more.  « Continue reading »

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Parenting Lessons from a Suffering Child: Part 1

Parenting Lessons from a Suffering Child: Part 1.

The news isn’t good… not good at all.  My precious, innocent, two-year-old daughter’s kidneys are failing.  My baby lies in the hospital bed next to me; she is terrified and in so much pain that I have to lay in the hopistal bed with her or her heart rate sets off the alarms.   « Continue reading »

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Parenting Lessons from a Suffering Child: Introduction.

Parenting Lessons From a Suffering Child: Introduction.

This blog series includes parenting lessons my wife and I received from our 2-year-old daughter who suffered serious medical issues resulting in more than a years worth of surgeries and other traumas.  The road we trod together was painful and life shattering but in the end, we were all changed for good!  « Continue reading »

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